The UK Throwdown is a mass participation national competition delivered online and completed in the comfort of your own Affiliate or training facility.

All abilities will be able to complete the workouts and they will challenge the first timer and seasoned pro alike. The UK Throwdown will also cater for all age categories from 14-15 teens through to 60+ masters with 9 different age categories.

The workouts will be released on Wednesday October 3rd at 12:00 and athletes will have until Monday October 8th at 23:59 to submit their scores.

The competition although delivered online will be run at your own facility. Affiliate owners will be rewarded with a £7.50 kick back per athlete as a thank you for helping us deliver this competition.

We are scheduling 5 workouts to be completed within a 6 day window. We anticipate that most facilities will run this as an in-house weekend competition, but you have the freedom

to do it how you like.

The UK Throwdown will give you a great opportunity to challenge yourself not only amongst your peers but also nationally against your age group. By challenging yourself in competition you give yourself the opportunity to grow as an athlete. Another fantastic reason to enter of course is to help raise money for our chosen charity (see below)

The driving force behind this project is our goal to raise £1 Million for Stand Up To Cancer. Our community does so much to steer people towards a healthy lifestyle and by joining forces and supporting the UK Throwdown we can achieve great things to help improve resources for research in to the causes of Cancer. There is too much heartbreak caused by this disease to not take massive action so we urge you to Stand Up To Cancer and get involved with The UK Throwdown.


Each athlete will have their own unique charity account which will help them seek sponsorship to take part in the event from friends, family and work colleagues. Everyone will be able to see how much we have raised as a group for Stand Up To Cancer.

The UK Throwdown will cost £30 to enter.

How is that Broken Down?

The cost per ticket is split in various ways between:

Your Affiliate (as a thank you for their support)
Our Chosen Charity
Eventbrite transaction fees
WODCAST scoring systems
HMRC Tax The UKTD operational costs

Here is the fun part! You can win prizes simply for entering. We have teamed up with lots of sponsors to help give you the athletes an opportunity to win prizes (products/services) before the event even starts. There will be prizes for the top 3 in each category and will be disclosed closer to the event.

Yes, you will need to provide a video submission of your workouts. If you are at an Affiliate you will need your score validated by the Affiliate Owner.

This competition is primarily for athletes from the UK. If you want to compete from outside of the UK you can enter our ‘Overseas’ category. Please note this will just be an 18+ category without the different age divisions.

The event is sponsored by companies that offer products or services to the UK community. To come on board they have made a charitable donation and donated prizes.

If you have a company that would like to jump on board please get in touch.

The event partners are companies that don’t have a product or service that could directly service the UK community but they wanted to show support for the project. To come on board that have made a charitable donation.

If you have a company that would like to support the event but is not directly linked to the fitness scene please get in touch.

We hope that gives you a good overview of the competition? If you have further questions feel free to ask.